Historic Preservation Information for
Property Owners

Tybee’s nostalgic feel is due in part to the architectural character, history and uniqueness found only here. Experts in the field of historic preservation and architecture have long worked with property owners on the Island to preserve buildings that represent the history and spirit of Tybee (PDF).
For more information about preservation efforts for Tybee Island, click here.

Do you own a home and/or building that is over 50 years old? You may be eligible to protect and preserve your investment by being listed on the National Register (PDF)!

Benefits of Historic Preservation

Learn about beneficial information about the advantages of Historical Property provided during various presentations:

National Preservation Month

Every year, during the month of May, National Preservation Month is celebrated with the following list of annual themes:

  • 2010This Place Matters (PDF)
  • 2011: Celebrating America’s Treasures
  • 2012: Discover America’s Hidden Gems
  • 2013: See! Save! Celebrate!
  • 2014: Embark. Inspire. Engage.
  • 2015 & 2016:  This Place Matters